Anne J Cotto Fabulous Body

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Similar like India, Indonesian showbiz is pretty conservative. Its movies never contain any explicit nudity, nor a French kiss scene. But back in late 80s until mid 90s, Indonesian cinema was filled with so many make-love scene, where the actress appear with see-through lingerie, sometimes even with back nudity. One of the hottest stars back then is Anne J. Cotto.
Anne Junita Cotto was born in Pontianak, Indonesia on 29 June 1974. With her tall and muscular body, plus her voluptuous breast, she got a lot offers to play on those softcore films, when she was only in her early 20s. Because ignited controversy in the society, this "dark era" of Indonesian cinema was quickly faded. Anne J. Cotto and other hot actresses later turned to television soap opera and plays a more "polite" roles.
Anne J. Cotto Filmography:
  • Panji Tengkorak
  • Telegram
  • Gejolak Nafsu
  • Gairah Perawan
  • Jalan Makin Membara
  • Asmara dan Dara
  • Jaringan Tabu
  • Dendam Nyi Pelet (TV)
  • Bayangan Ratu Pantai Selatan (TV)

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